"Travis Kelly, I have to say is an amazing instructor, motivator and support system. At one point in my life, I was 110 pounds overweight. I had lost about 40 of it but hit a wall. I talked to Travis about it and he gave me really helpful tips to a healthier lifestyle. I took his boot camp classes and really started seeing the results I was looking for. I decided I wanted to start running and, with his advice, I was able to complete a 5K and he ran alongside us and was there at the finish line to support all who ran. Since then I have run multiple races to include a half marathon and I completed it in under 2 hours. He was always willing to provide extra instruction to make sure that the exercises were being executed properly to avoid injury, and offered modified versions as well. He educated me on how to live better. He took pride in helping me and I know he truly cared about my success. It's been several years since I first went to see him, I was a size 12-14 and weighed nearly 200 pounds. Now I am a size 2 and I weight 127. I am so grateful for the knowledge he has passed on to me. It was NEVER easy, and he NEVER sugar coated anything. He gave it to you straight, which is hard to find. Travis Kelly has a gift and I am so grateful he took the time to share it with me. I always felt like my success and goals were a priority for him. Thank you, Travis!!!!"
I am a beginner when it comes to exercise. I was a bit nervous when i first started, but Travis really made sure that I was not only comfortable with the workouts, but the environment in which the workouts were performed. The gym is clean and has a wide variety of equipment. The classes he offers really gets the blood flowing and the heart pumping, and we all have fun when we do it. I definitely recommend him to anyone, beginner, intermediate, or advanced. He really knows his stuff.
I injured my leg early on because I had the wrong footwear and he recommended a type of shoe to get, and even taught me how to tie my shoes properly (funny, I know). While I healed he did not let me skip a beat -- he had low-to-no impact workout alternatives to what everyone else was doing so you could burn calories, build strength, and not worry about hurting yourself.
I recommend him to anyone, really, that is ready to change their lifestyle to being fit and healthy... and to those that want to have fun doing it.
- Kody
Thanks to the serious lifestyle change that Travis Kelly has been helping me achieve, I've become so much stronger both mentally and physically. Only two months in so far and already I have lost 23 pounds of fat and gained 11. 5lbs of muscle. It just goes to show you can do anything when you put your mind to it and you have amazing trainer/support system on your side. Thank you so much Travis @ Fission Fit for teaching me from the beginning how to eat properly and for providing excellent support and guidance each and every day!
The fitness trainer is very knowledgeable in overall fitness techniques and is always switching it up to challenge you. I was impressed that he does not only train you physically, to your unique strengths and weaknesses, but for your nutrtion and mental well being also. Travis's overall sincerity and interest in your results is over and above any fitness facility I have gone to.

Travis Kelly has been and is an inspiration in the health and fitness industry. He has turned around my life as well as many others in regards to my health and fitness goals. He is very informative and always sharing tips both related to eating healthy and exercise. His knowledge in this field is an inspiration and he will be an asset anywhere he goes in his new endeavor. Thank you for the opportunity to work out and train with you, you are such an inspiring trainer and friend.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Travis for the past seven years. He is always committed to doing things the correct way, while keeping the client safe and educated. My success and the fitness success of many others is directly attributed to Travis and his ability to motivated, encourage and instruct."

Travis is the best personal trainer I've ever worked with. He's professional & motivating. He's also extremely affordable and works with your situation at all times! He customizes your plan and workout to what fits your needs. I'll take his nutritional advice with me forever! You will not be disappointed.


Travis at FissionFit has been a game changer for my health and fitness goals for just over 2 years now. He has helped me become physically and mentally strong and healthy through proper nutrition and exercise after having my first child, then again while pregnant with our 2nd child and now once again as I recover from surgery from our 2nd child. I am doing things now that I never thought I could do, like Spin class throughout my pregnancy and even on my due date with baby #2. I have seen such a shift in how my recovery is for the 2nd child, being fit in between and during the 2nd pregnancy.   The way Travis believes in me and his positive yet stern motivation, gets me in gear and has made a lasting affect on me for the rest of my life!
I've worked with Travis on and off since 2012. He is a great trainer, very knowledgeable, personal, professional. He will go above and beyond to help those he is coaching. It always felt as I was working out with a friend more than being "instructed" by a trainer. I always recommend Travis to friends and family who are looking for a program that will make a difference!
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