How Mentally Tough Are You???

  By Travis  Kelly

  Before we dive into the exercise and general intake aspects of the fitness program it is necessary to cover what realistic goal setting should look like.  Also, it’s important to address how progress is not always visible to the human eye, and also that obstacles are inevitable on your journey.  If you don’t have goals and a plan on how to reach them, then you’re simply preparing to fall short.

  The best way to categorize goals is as either short-term or long-term. Generally, a short-term goal is something that can be accomplished in a matter of weeks, or maybe even days. Long-term goals are things that you hope to achieve in a few months or further down the road.

  Furthermore, goals are meant to encourage (and push) one’s self, but they must be realistic. It’s okay to be an optimist and hope for big changes, but don’t be impractical as that will only hamper your results. With that said, let’s take a look at what some realistic goals might look like in the short and long-term for individuals trying to get in better shape physically:


• Lose 2-3lb of fat in the next two weeks • Increase bench press by 5lbs in the next two weeks

-Let's be clear if you are utilizing one of my exercise programs losing 3 pounds most likely means you lost 5lbs of fat and gained 2 lbs of muscle. Never sacrifice shape and skin elasticity for rapid weight loss. The negative effects are usually irreversible!!

• Do 30 minutes of cardio/HIIT the least 3 days this week • Track and reach your daily calorie quota each day


• Lose 15lbs of fat in the next 3 months  • Increase bench press by 30lbs in the next 3 months • Reduce waist size by 3 inches in next 3 months

One day at a time!

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